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5 Scary Short Stories to prepare you for HALLOWEEN

Just something special I made for you.

Before you start reading, I dare you to listen to the audio provided below. Just make sure you are alone in your room and there is no monster lurking in the shadows.

1. Ambition can be deadly

My hands were moving furiously on the keyboard. I planned on finishing my novel. It was going to be the most anatomically correct crime piece. I finished once the church bells chimed outside. It was time to pose the bodies and begin the story.

Never go in the woods... you're almost never alone

2. Autocorrect can leave you hangin'

I hate autocorrect. I'm planning to have a talk with the phone company. My messages always say something about wanting to hang myself, which is very disturbing. When I told mom this, she freaked out. She told me the previous family who lived in our house had a daughter who committed suicide by hanging herself. My room used to be hers.

Never go outside when there is fog... you might never see it coming.

3. Pay attention to news

The news showed a zombie infested city. Tommy came in my room silently, closing the door behind him. I turned the tv off and asked him why he came. He told me there was a monster under his bed. I checked the name of the city on my phone. Our city. The door opened.

Never look down and keep a good might need to run.

4. Don't be stupid

I remember talking with my roommate about that urban legend of having someone living under your bed. We laughed about it. She said 'who would be so stupid to let that happen and never notice it?'. That night I slept at my boyfriend's. I never saw her again after that day, but there was something written on a piece of paper left on the desk. It said: 'so stupid'.

Never go to sleep before checking under your never know what's hiding there.

5. That damn milk

It was past midnight. I was the only one up and rummaging through the fridge. While drinking milk I looked out the windows at the building facing me. One of the rooms was brightly lit. There was something in there, moving franticly from one corner to another. I looked closer. There was blood on the walls and a face was pressed against the glass. I dropped the milk on my feet. It was my face and behind it there was a man with a knife. In my kitchen, the light turned on.

Never go in the kitchen after midnight...strange things may happen.

I hope you enjoyed this post and you can leave a comment with your favorite one. I am also planning on making a list of movies to get the blood going, so stay tuned for that post. Until then, stay safe and always obey by the rules of horror. Happy Halloween!


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