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My Top 10 Netflix Original TV Series

Netflix has made a list of top 10 most watched/popular TV series originals and having seen that list, I thought that my opinion differed a little bit (this being based on overall quality of each one). So I decided to rearrange their list and not look at the number of views. Before I start though, I just wanted to say that all the series on the list are good ones, worth a watch and so it was really hard to put one above another at certain points, because they are all very different in style and execution. Still, that's why we are all here, so without any further ado, here is my top 10 Netflix TV series.

10. The Umbrella Academy (#2 - 45 million views)

X-men with more humor

Okay, we are starting on a roll. The Umbrella Academy is good, don't get me wrong, but it's no number 2 in my book. There are some cool aspects about it, the visuals for the most part look amazing, the tones shift based on time passage and character which I thought to be a wonderful idea, the characters have different personalities and are interesting enough, but the majority of the episodes are filled with non-sensical and illogical content from the perspective of its own narrative. The redeemable qualities in this series come with the cast, but even there you can find problems as some characters are more developed than others and this creates an imbalanced picture. In the end, it's just a cool series to watch with your friends/ family or by yourself, but if you don't, then I don't think you'll lose too much.

9. Sex Education (#5 - 40 million views)

Shy/ awkward kid gives sex advice to his fellow schoolmates

In a way I'm not surprised that this one has so many views. Having a word such as 'sex' in the title is going to bring many teenagers to the table, or, in this case, in front of the TV. Not going over its flimsical title any longer, SexEducation is not a bad series by all means. I was kind of surprised to find it really entertaining and good. The cast is great and I really have to give it to them for keeping a straight face in some moments. It resembles American Pie but more refined and funny (and British). The characters are likable which is a shocker, and they are rather complex. Also, believe it or not, but there are some good lessons in it and they aren't all about sexual relations. The only real problem I have with this series is the color choice; it's very 'uriny', if you get my point. Still, a good one.

8. Elite (#10- 20 million views)

Spanish mystery teenage drama

Spanish series, yes! I love the fact that there are series in here in a different language other than English because, let me tell you, they have something different about the way they tell their stories and I'm so here for it. Elite is no different. It's like Gossip Girl met Skins and made a baby which mashed its DNA with Riverdale (only the 1st season). At the core of the 1st season, it's all about a murder mystery (not going to spoil the fun for any of you though because it's so worth it) and the way they handle that, combined with the normal/ not-so-normal teenage drama is truly a masterpiece. Also, I would like to congratulate them for their diversity in portrayals and for making it as much a part of the series as everything else. Characters rock, cast is doing amazing, visuals are great, score fits every scene and the dialogue is very entertaining.

7. YOU (#4 - 41 million views)

Smart stalker analysis?- interesting combo

YOU is a very different series and is a lot darker than I thought it would be, given its cast and general vibe, but I really enjoyed how it developed with each episode. It's the perfect binge-watch series and it's a good thing that it's also kind of great. The characters, for the most part, are really interesting, especially the main one and I loved the fact that we have a 1st person narrator in certain scenes and that he's not boring or obnoxious or even predictable. He's also smart, methodical and generally speaking kind of creepy, but he's also sweet and kind which makes him really dangerous if you think about it. Great acting skills, good sound choice and a very put-together script. The ending is awesome and I'm so ready to binge-watch the 2nd season as well.

6. Stranger Things (#1 - 64 million views)

Nostalgia at its finest

What? Stranger Things isn't number 1? It's a good series, which most likely everybody knows by now or seen it or at least heard about it because it has been very heavily marketed everywhere. But, anyway, I moved it so far back because I think that it's starting to drag with both the story and its characters. It's cool that we have kids growing up with the series and it's even better that they are played by amazingly good actors, but the story is getting waaay out of hand. That is sad, for me at least, as with each season the visuals get better and the effects get crazier, in a good way (albeit they could go back to the practical effects a little bit more). What really changed this series for me is the 3rd season, at least so far. I still think that the 1st one was the best and yet I also think that the final scene in the 2nd season was also good, but the product placements in the 3rd one were atrocious and so on the nose. But hey, is not like I'm going to stop watching the next season because, again, it's all about the nostalgia (and kids trying not to get killed by monsters), so who could resist?.

5. Our Planet (#6 - 33 million views)

The miracle that is our world and why it's important to save it

This series is amazing and very sad in regards with everything that is happening in our world. The visuals in Our Planet are stunning and the narration throughout the documentary is perfect. I think is important that more people should watch this series because, for me at least, it has really opened my eyes and made me understand the impact we have on our planet and on everything that lives in it, beside ourselves. Each episode tackles a different ecosystem and every little miracle in them, showing the beauty in them, but also the dangerous effects we had on their existence, at the same time explaining how we could change it and do better. Nothing else to add than that you should definitely watch it and trust me when I say that afterward you wouldn't be the same. And that's the point. Save the planet, people!

4. Unbelievable (#7 - 32 million views)

Good, capable female detectives and a, sadly, true story about not being believed

This series was really sad, especially since it's inspired by true events. The 1st episode of Unbelievable is, well, unbelievably good and the two detectives aren't even in it. The characters and the story are the shining parts of this. The story is well constructed, very coordinated and it flows really well with the episodic format it's presented in. The characters are all top-notch and the female detectives are exactly the female representation we need right now. They are smart, capable, powerful, methodical and yet they are also human without being treated as less because they are certainly not. You can't have enough with this one, going fast through the episodes to see the grand finale and it doesn't disappoint. Stellar cast as well, definitely worth your time and energy. Also, you can learn a lot from it.

3. Dead to Me (#8 - 30 million views)

Real, funny, sad, surprising, dark and a blast, all within 30 minutes-time

Dead to Me has the perfect recipe for success. It has amazing cast, good story, which is very intriguing and filled to the brim with surprises, treats and plot-twists, production is awesome and I loved the fun they had with transitions and contrast in both visuals and overall tones. The music is just enough to make everything pop and the short, 30-minute (most times even less than that) format for showing a story works perfectly to balance the comedic and tragic tones of it all. I'm really glad I got to see it and I'm excited for more. You should definitely watch it if you haven't already and if you had, then you know that this works more than fine for a second viewing.

2. When They See Us (#9 - 25 million views)

True story about destroying young people's lives based on skin color

When They See Us is truly heartbreaking and the worst part is that everything shown is real. It happened to real people who, thankfully, are now a little better and happier. There is no way I can spoil this, especially since everything related to the case is there in the open, online, for everyone to find, but still, the execution of this tragic story is a thing of true mastery for the visual arts. The way the story is structured is also a thing that deserves praise. I highly recommend everyone to watch it. Trust me, you'll be crying in the end.

1. La Casa de Papel (#3 - 44 million views)

Very intelligent and fun series, probably one of the best EVER

Spanish series strikes again and again, I'm so ready for it. La Casa de Papel is truly something out of this world. I've never seen such an intelligent and put-together series like this one and the way it's constructed makes it 10X better. The plot itself is enough to grasp anyone, but its execution is spectacular. I love this with all my might and you just can't get enough of it and its characters that resemble real people. Everything about it is perfect and with each season it gets even better and grander. You can't beat El Professor's wits and crew. You just can't. There's no beating this one, at least so far.


And that is it for my list. Do you agree with me, do you agree with the numbers rounded up by Netflix or do you have your own list made up? Any way you go about it, leave a comment because I want to know what you guys think and also leave a like on this post because why not? Until next time, stay safe and go out there and watch some good series from now on.


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