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10 Movies Guaranteed to Creep You Out (HALLOWEEN EDITION)

Halloween! It's almost here and I'm loving it (sadly, no McDonald's sponsorship). Personally, I enjoy getting my mood in check with this holiday and one way to do that is to watch scary movies. Thus, I've prepared a list of 10 movies for any of you out there who want to get spooked or get the hibbie-jibbies or just get crept out in general. Some of these movies are definitely better than others, but I put them in no particular ranking system. Without any further ado, let's get SPOOKY.

  1. CANDYMAN (1992)

It's the 90s, always the 90s, that come with the craziest ideas for horror. But, hey, I get it, especially when you have Mr. Tony Todd in your cast. In case you haven't seen this gem of a movie before, highly recommend it (the other sequels I'd say to stay clear of). It is also fitting for that kind of strange, chilling vibe you might desire for Halloween or any other day. It is definitely not the horror movie filled with jumpscares and loud noises we all got used nowadays to define a horror movie, but it is a thrill ride. Gothic and suspenseful, with a tragic romantic story and deep philosophical context at its core, Candyman is a story about a very brave and curious young woman who gets herself mixed in the urban legend she's investigating for her thesis. Things just spiral down from there. Sound design is simply astounding and it will leave you with a deep sense of dread for all urban legends and myths and mirrors. For all that is worth, check it out, but don't try to say his name 5 times. I warned you.


Just so we don't depart so suddenly from the legends and the gothic atmosphere (and the 90s), here we have Tim Burton's Sleepy Hollow. Again, not the conventional horror movie type, but I would say it fits this list with it's dark, foggy and mystified glamour, dealing with the old battle between real and imaginary. Having Johnny Deep and Cristina Ricci in the lead roles helps as well. And did I mention the Headless Horseman, because... Headless Horseman! If you are easily scared but still want to grab onto that chilling and telling-scary-stories-in-the-dark type of vibe for Halloween, this is a must-watch. Still, you might want to prepare to see some gore involved in the story, because be it a more toned down horror flick, but it is not a cartoonish movie. It's gets crazy in there.

3. HELL FEST (2018)

Moving on with more thematically accurate movies: Hell Fest. A newer one on this list, which I think might be the perfect horror flick to watch with some friends and a couple of drinks. Trust me, the movie gets better and more fun that way (although not with the lights off and on a laptop or a small screen, otherwise you might end up with a headache or two; lots of flashy neon party and strobing lights) , because by itself it's not a masterpiece; hell (no pun intended), it's quite generic in the sense of trying to escape a psycho killer maniac, only this time it's a horror crazy fans' fantasy park. Sometimes gory, but not all the time, very colorful, LOUD noises (dogs be warned) and pawn-like characters, but add all of that with a small or large party and you will have a blast with this one and get totally pumped for Halloween. Also, Tony Todd is back! That's all I have to say.

4. HAUNT (2019)

And the newest on this list, because we also need some new Halloween movies now and then. Honestly, I was kind of surprised with this one. Again, not the best of the bunch, but it was a fun one. Kind of similar with Hell Fest, Haunt is definitely more toned down and you actually have some sort of character development, which, in a movie where the premise is you go in a haunted house controlled by maniacs on Halloween night and try to survive them by the end of it, is definitely surprising. Low budget, yes, but I liked the 'less is more' method they used in this one, because it actually works in the favor of the story. Almost feels like a throwback and there are some very good horror sequences in here, so it's worth a watch.

5. TRICK 'R TREAT (2007)

More Halloween themed movies? No problem because here is the treat for you (I love my jokes). This one is a must watch for this one special night and it's super fun to come back to as well. Structured as an anthology with one character who connects them all (hey there little Sam), Trick 'r treat might just be one of the most famous Halloween movies, besides Halloween (the classic) itself. Interesting stories, very creepy and entertaining, some parts gory, others fun horror schlock and at times quite surprising with its reveals, this bad-boy here is the mama of all childlike scary adventures for adults (or very brave kids). Need more convincing: the kid, Sam, it's the actual villain like character and has pumpkin guts for brains... not kidding with the last bit. See for yourself.

6. TERRIFIER (2017)

Oh, now who's a good clown? What is a Halloween scary movies night without clowns? Just don't let Art in your bathroom, unless you want him to leave you a nice piece of, well, art. Just watch the movie for this one. Terrifier is a delight for gore and fun fanatics. Art the Clown is an amazing villain and he has some well-deserved fun in the scenes. Maybe not the best quality for visual design, but it has a certain horror-esque vibe to it and, while not the most intelligent characters, they make for some entertaining and at times scary kills. And I liked the ending, albeit you sort of see it coming if you have seen some scary movies before. Totally recommend, but just make sure you are not triggered by lots of blood or grotesque imagery. Otherwise, this might just be the one for you and your black soul.

7. YOU'RE NEXT (2013)

The Halloween themed movies end here. It's time for some good, old-fashioned home invasion flick. In my humble opinion as someone who has seen most of the home-invasion movies out there, You're Next is probably the best you can get. Suspenseful, ambitious, thrilling and closed off from the outside world, this movie was a total surprise when I first saw it. And it has a lot of entertaining scenes to make it a fun re-watch. Not so much scary, but definitely exceeding expectations for the genre it's confined in, it will become a classic in a couple more years for its take on a simple enough situation and for making one of the most enjoyable, bad-ass final girl type protagonist. And because I want all of you to take from it as much as I did, this is all I'm going to say about it. Enjoy the ride!


We need some creepy white lady up in here. Look no further than The Autopsy of Jane Doe. This one is a ride for sure. Squeamish people, be aware. Not gory per se, more real-like autopsy things that go waaay over the normal range. What I like about this movie is, among the incredible special effects and real imagery, the relationship between the two main characters. Great development, in a small enough setting and it has some really nice, top-notch moments of scare-inducing scenes. If you didn't have the opportunity to see this one, go see it right now because it will get some screams out of you. Also, creepy white lady and ghosts in a morgue. I don't think there's anything else I have to add

9. HEREDITARY (2018)

One thing before I start: if you haven't seen Hereditary before, go watch it NOW! This movie is amazing and good. Not entertaining in the thrilling sense of the word, but good. Everything is top-notch: from the visuals, to score, to setting, narrative, performances... everything is there tied in a perfect red bow for you to drool over. And because it is such a powerful and gut-wrenching experience, even if you have seen it before, there isn't much that I can say about it. It will ruin you by the end of it and, while a slow-burner at times, when the credits roll, this movie will stick with you for a very very long time. Toni Collette is truly an amazing actress in here and with all the extraordinary elements Hereditary has to offer, it might just be one of the best horror movies of all time. No joking.

10. LAKE MUNGO (2008)

And to finish on a roll, Lake Mungo. I think most people, even hardcore horror fanatics, haven't seen this one and it's a shame, because it's brilliant. Structured as a documentary, this movie tell the story of a family dealing with grief after the drowning of one of its members, a young girl. What is interesting with this one is that throughout the screen time, this incident escalates into a ghost story and more and more secrets are revealed until you start to say 'I can't take it anymore'. But the core story of it is what's the most intriguing part and let me tell you that while I don't get scared often, this one did it; I had nightmares that night. Sounds silly? Go watch it and then we'll talk. Because I want you to get the full experience, I really don't want to spoil it for you, but just know that it isn't the regular horror movie and it is definitely more similar in tone with Hereditary. Actually, Lake Mungo might be at the same ranking with Hereditary, just in a more stylized version. And the ending... the ending.


And there you have it: 10 horror movies for you and your friends or family to enjoy for Halloween. If you enjoyed it, you can leave a like and after you've seen some of them, comment below which was your favorite. Until we meet again, stay safe and don't die...


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